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In modern life, it is difficult to meet new people in the business rush. It is even more difficult after a certain age, after finishing school and getting the power to work! This is why dating sites and applications around the world are in crazy demand. Because everyone is looking for love … Some are short-term and some are long-term loves. Some are one-night stands, some are traditional … There is a quest!

It is indispensable for every dating site. Probably the first message sent to you when you start using the site or app will be from a perverted man. Sometimes he calls the ‘mistress’, sometimes he wants to be beaten, sometimes he expresses his wishes such as applying nail polish on the feet. If you are not interested, the only way out is to press the obstacle.

There are several car photos in the profile of these types. Maybe one of those cars has itself in it, but we don’t know. The first thing to notice, and probably the only thing, is that he loves cars very, very, very much.

Since their vocabulary is not very large (it’s a car, don’t expect too much after all), you will get bored after a few texts.

3.The sullen man who hates people, especially women, and you don’t know what he’s looking for on a dating site.

He complains about ‘calamities’, hates Turkish girls, generally argues that women go for money, they will do anything for money. He writes succinct words like ‘Are you going to women, don’t forget your whip’ on his profile. But let’s see that she spends time on a site to be dating a female individual.

This man, who declared his love to you in his first message, is sure that you will become the perfect lover, soul mate, and soulmate before he sees you. He will persist, make himself pitiful. It will be more beneficial for you to turn to more realistic individuals.

Let’s say Bukowski, you say Nejat İşler … This male individual is one of the clones of the ‘loser’ school. With a black and white profile picture, he expects the person who will enter his life to pull him out of the maelstrom of unhappiness, but first he must make sure that you are as ‘deep’ as he is. Being as deep as him depends on understanding how ‘special’ he is.

Although he is a loser, he is not attracted to losing women like him. He is a secret dementor. It makes you unhappy too. Stay away!

Whether it’s Bungee Jumping or paragliding; He equipped his profile with photographs taken while doing all kinds of extreme sports. The rare photographs where his foot touches the ground were taken in the squares of European cities, in front of the I ❤ Amsterdam inscription. Even then, he poses with his arms and legs in the air, sticking out his tongue or something. He is a real energetic. The meeting plans are as follows: “I will be back from Peru in a week, how would you like to meet before going to Nepal in 2 weeks?” does it with sentences like.

7. The male bodybuilding addict who lives on as a reflection trapped in the gym mirror!

Are there slices of baklava instead of eyebrows in your profile photo? Here is KAS MAN, who is in love with him and spends most of his spare time with dumbbells, not with his wife and friend. His sense of humor and cultural accumulation have not developed much due to the amount of time he devotes to his body, which he takes care of like a work of art. However, he is a loyal and disciplined man. With its perfectionist nature, it can discipline you in case of a relationship. However, it is boring.

Uses nicknames like ‘Lawyer78’ or ‘Engineer87’. The profile photo was definitely taken while performing his profession. In the first message that introduces him, the first thing he will say about himself is his profession.

10. The rich man who can fit more than one sign of wealth in each of his photos, you should never have doubts about being rich!

The emblem on the car steering wheel, the expensive watch that wraps around the wrist that holds the steering wheel, the janti in the background, the expensive brand clothes … It is rich. Even if it cannot fit its own face in every photograph, it definitely fits richness items. Pass.

‘If you are so big, what are you doing to find a partner on this site?’ he interrogates first. Surely there are photographs of a few beautiful foreign women who spread crystals in the lodge. We do not know if there are women who find men who try to paint such ‘flirtatious’ image attractive, but if you do not want to be a decor in the photo, it is a man you should stay away from.

12. Baby boys who are looking for a “serious relationship”, who are considered to have not even reached the legal age of drinking in many countries …

He is young, he is very young … It would be in his favor if he could not stand and admit that he liked it while asking his classmate Melis for final notes.

And do nothing until you are sure you have really found what you are looking for! Because during the search process, you may meet a lot of the wrong people … Then you turn out to be the wrong person, what do we do then? : 0