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The social elevator was finally coming true.

It didn’t take a lot of money or a lot of resources: just the talent and the desire to put all the effort into the path. Politicians went crazy over this fledgling industry: At rallies they went from kissing babies to kissing entrepreneurs, who were the object of desire in all the photos. Credit institutions also jumped on this ball, since actions around entrepreneurs could mitigate their image, greatly devalued in the midst of the crisis.

But all this was false, López Menacho maintains: “It was a very big farce. The worst thing is that the entrepreneurial discourse attracted people without training or knowledge to set up a ‘startup’ with their own income. It was a trap: the citizen who They cheated, bought the speech and articulated a machine that, in times of crisis, was very good for the Government and the credit institutions. You enter a fictional wheel in which they sell you that it is a wonderful world, of opportunities, of success ( understanding it as going to a financing round, taking capital and making an exit / sale) “, he tells us.

Under this speech there was an essential motto: “The meritocracy, the ‘If you make an effort, you can’. They tricked many illusions to get off the unemployment lists and start, luckily the call of gold. They sold you that idea , very sweetened by Hollywood, that you work in a garage, the light bulb turns on, you have a brilliant idea and you get to transform the world, when to be successful you need a lot of training, a lot of money, a lot of innovation (and in Spain almost no is innovated), good luck … there are many more tools “.

The Internet has never been such an expensive sector to start up as other more traditional ones, so the entrepreneurial discourse of politicians and banks fell among those who yearned to be able to create a scalable and millionaire project without too many resources. It only took a small investor (‘business angel’) to fall in love with his idea and decide to support it financially.

Needless to say, those times are long past. The technology and digital sector has grown enough that undertaking without a good amount of money is literally impossible. And in recent years, Spanish industry has grown and investment has become more professional, but, according to López Menacho, you have to look at the data with a magnifying glass: “The idea that financing is easily obtained has been transferred.