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By the way, two very good games in a row by Facu, who continues to show his professionalism, hopefully he will help us win all the games that remain until he leaves for the NBA.

Who said that Lull was on his way to retirement, my mother, what a great 2 part, 14 points for the Majorcan crack, another great game for Carroll too, Real Madrid win easily in the second half, after a bad 1 half, 7-0 spectacular balance at the start of the league, and on top of that Barça hit a hit in Murcia, the second defeat that we are worth to beat Real Madrid when today we make a fool of ourselves in Murcia… I am terribly angry.

I don’t want to be the devil’s advocate, but to tell the truth 13 of Llull’s 14 points have been in the last 7 minutes with the game already half resolved or fully resolved. Until then he had a fairly regular game.

And add to what Berlinnn says the devastating statistical fact that Lull is always the one who pulls the most of the whole team.

And we can also add more data, which always makes the guy who defends the opposing team the MVP of the match, who never fights a rebound, who barely fares assists, who loses many balls, etc.

But come on, we are going to applaud him for having a decent average game for every four bad guys he does, turn off and let’s go.

This is the level. We applaud the past and despise the present and future. But we will renew him for a paste, and while the BCN will continue to sign the best of the market.

The best of the market and at the moment they have not eaten a breadstick. That they continue signing at the stroke of the checkbook and we winning the titles

What’s going toti18, the cool thing is to sign big names at the price of beluga and start the year by clapping the first two titles. What there is to read…

If we criticize Llull when he plays badly and we also criticize him when he plays well, turn it off and let’s go. Long live the criteria and coherence

A regular trajectory is applauded, not a good game and 5 bad ones. And the good global game (defense-attack) is applauded. It is useless to score 14 points, if whoever defends makes the game of the year.

Do not defend the indefensible, LLul is not at the level of salary and influence, and the sad thing is that it conditions the group, taking minutes away from people like Carroll.

I agree that in defense he is not the same as a few years ago (he was not an excellent defender but he had more legs), and that his salary is not in line with his performance in the last two years.