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Among the internet sites it is often classified among the dating sites for sex even if not expressly dedicated to that. In any case, we have dedicated a specific article to this platform; you can find it on Tinder: what it is and how it works.

The principle is simple: once registered, the app will show us a series of interesting people within a certain radius of our position, on each tab shown we will be able to report using the appropriate button how much that person might interest us: choosing the red X indicates that we are not like it at all, the blue star shows a possible strong interest, the green heart is a simple Like.

The service then provides to put in contact the profiles of both women and men who have shown mutual appreciation and who can thus try to deepen their knowledge.

Tinder isn’t entirely free but it has limitations. The only way to get around them is to purchase a subscription form. To use Tinder, just download the appropriate app for Android or iOS.

It is one of the most used dating sites to find appointments (a real dating site) and new acquaintances. It looks a lot like competing sites and, like them, has a handy client for Android and iOS.

Speaking of the site, the latter, after a short registration, presents a simple and straightforward interface: meeting new people is easy by clicking on the “play” or “discover” sections. For the rest, some functions are reserved for paying customers, find more information in our article: Lovoo: what it is and how it works.

To unlock all the functions, a monthly subscription is required, called “Lovoo Vip” (which costs € 7.99). Start chatting on LOVOO starting from a registration on the official website.

This is a slightly different service from other dating portals and is based on an interesting concept: instead of boys, the hunt is left to girls. This formula has already seduced 12 million users around the world.

The service works very simply, and is asymmetrical, girls and boys have different options available. The first ones preferably have to contact, the boys have to respond.

It is undoubtedly a very interesting chat for guys who like to be sought out and seduced. Adopt a boy would be the recommended service (at least for its originality compared to competitors) but it tends to push too strongly towards the purchase of a premium subscription (the limitations are really too many).

If you want to give it a chance, find the app on the Play Store and App Store. Very nice also the site that with a certain self-irony and sagacity is created as a sort of shop, where a girl can “buy” her ideal model of man.

Among the other dating sites that we could not help but mention, there is Parship dedicated specifically to a more mature audience, aged between 30 and 50+ years. The structure of this site is specific for those looking for stable, serious and lasting relationships.

The selection on Parship, unlike most of the other meeting sites, is not based only on physical appearance, in fact, in order to see the photos of the members, it will be necessary first of all to authorize those who request the vision, as well as being subscribers.

The site initially asks us if we are interested in meeting men or women. This can be a limitation for bisexual people, as once a choice has been made it will no longer be possible to change one’s preference.

Once logged in, at the first access, you will be offered a questionnaire with questions focused on what you expect and want from a relationship, with even more in-depth questions to better understand your personality. Subsequently, once this phase has been completed, the system will begin to offer you the first contact suggestions.

Thanks to these tests, the system will be able to accurately determine the affinities between the subscribers, giving us the opportunity to see in detail what are the common points that bind us to other users, every time we visit the profile of another subscriber. Everything will be represented by a graph like the one you find below.

Our in-depth study on the best free dating services and chat sites is over, we hope to have helped you find new acquaintances or your soul mate.

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