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Paying a woman, however beautiful she may be, will never be the same. This is because the escorts have sex dozens of times a day and therefore certainly do not have the same desire for cock that a “normal” and unsatisfied woman can have!

On occasional dating sites there are many eager women who can’t wait to do it and go to pay an escort I find it meaningless.

Watch this funny video below that tells a story that really happened in the USA where a woman let her husband discover her by sending him a selfie with some “unexpected element”!

Then we must also consider the fact that escorts very often place numerous limits on the relationship and consequently it is really difficult to let yourself go to the passion.

For example, have you ever tried to have sex with a woman without being able to kiss her or even touching her nipples. Have you ever tried to do it by hearing you say “love” no I don’t do this, don’t touch there, don’t touch here, love now but you have to come etc etc?

I assure you that it is not a good feeling and although not all escorts behave in this way, I repeat that today having paid sex without even being able to really enjoy it is really ridiculous.

A time when the internet was not so widespread and no one knew about dating sites and apps, maybe it made sense, but not today … really no.

Here on Quick Easy Sex I talk about the best sites to have sex without paying a dime. And they are all sites that I have actually tested and that make me fuck regularly from week to week. Then if someone still prefers to pay for sex, ok, they can stay there, but honestly, I can’t understand it!

The most recent statistics show that at least one in two Italians has gone with an escort at least once in their life. This might seem to some like an exaggerated figure perhaps written just to make the news but it is not. In fact, it seems that although many prefer not to say it, extramarital encounters and betrayals are on the agenda and are not the exception but the norm.

However many men are married and since they don’t have time and don’t want to risk being discovered by their wives, they prefer to go to escort, be they “classic” or trans women!

All this might seem the result of a fairly logical and rational reasoning but in reality it is not so because the premise behind it and which drives many men to have sex with escorts is intrinsically wrong.

In fact, this premise assumes that having sex with a non-mercenary woman requires more time and a greater investment on the part of the man, so that he usually prefers to pay and avoid problems.

At one time, perhaps things were really like this but today the situation has changed and fast, fast and safe sex is truly within everyone’s reach as it has never been before. This may sound like a nice advertising slogan but I assure you it is not.

The point is that the situation with dating sites today is quite complicated for a variety of reasons. First of all, let’s say that there are dozens or even hundreds of them every day and this dilutes users in the sense that while before there were few and users were only on those, now there is so much choice that we are lost.

In addition to this, there is a very strong prejudice with regards to dating sites and there is a tendency to group them all in one large pot.