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Often these sex dolls are really very well made, made of silicone and with incredible attention to detail. That’s why they are also called “real sex dolls”!

The sore point is obviously the price. Unfortunately, as you can imagine, these sex dolls are extremely faithful reproductions of a human being (female, male or trans) and as a result are often extremely expensive. In some cases the reproduction of the genitals as well as being extremely accurate even has a motorized part in order, for example, to simulate the contractions of the vagina to give a sensation of intense pleasure that can precisely replace sex with a plump woman and bones.

This is also an absolutely interesting topic and has become extremely topical now that with covid-19 live meetings have inevitably decreased.

To learn more about the topic, just search on google for “Teledildonica” but I can tell you in summary that it is high-tech equipment or erotic toys for remote sex.

The basic principle is that of interactive sex and it is precisely on this that the dildonic tele is aiming. In practice, these are Sex toys that we can remotely control allowing us to interact actively with the pleasure of the partner.

These tools are also used by many webcam girls during their erotic live shows to interact with users. For example, if the user leaves a small tip (or tip) to the camgirl who is performing, the vibrator that this girl has inserted in her vagina will vibrate with a variable intensity and commensurate with the tip left by the user, in order to give to please girls. One of the most popular companies producing these interactive erotic sex toys is Lovense! If you are interested in the subject, you can take a look at their website which, among other things, is perfectly localized in Italian.

During the quarantine period, as already mentioned, it is normal for live sex encounters to decrease. And it is equally normal to think that it will take some time for everything to return to normal. However, the occasional dating sites are far from dead, in fact I am taking advantage of the moment to prepare myself for what will be.

Many girls have desire and fear at the same time. The fear will gradually diminish both because the coronavirus will soon be under control and because we will soon also have a vaccine. Meanwhile, I’m chatting with many girls and taking their whatsapp contacts. At the end of the quarantine I will meet several of them and I will have fun as if there was no tomorrow, also because if they have been in quarantine all this time the risk of them being infected is very minimal!

After all, it is a thousand times safer to have sex with a girl who hasn’t fucked for a long time than with an escort who gets 10 or 20 clients a day, right ?!

I simply add that sex is a primary human need and that no virus can ever change this. Maybe for some time people will feel safer fucking sex dolls or using toys for remote sex but as far as I’m concerned I will continue to have good live sex like there’s no tomorrow! Happy sex everyone!

Any man dreams of it and desires it strongly but there are very few who really manage to get it: I’m talking about sex, the real and full of passion done with dirty women is really eager!

Unfortunately many men today believe that to have easy sex you have to pay for it and therefore decide to use escort sites so as to have a healthy and satisfying fuck without too many bangs.