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Single? Here are the 5 best dating apps used in Italy (not just for hot dating!)

Does the idea of ​​spending yet another Valentine’s Day alone distress you? Here’s an easy way to find company …

On how many occasions do you feel alone and would you like an easy way to get to know someone? Apparently many, if in 2017, Italians turned to Google about 153,000 times a month, typing terms such as “dating app”, “chat dating”, “dating sites” and many others related to the topic. That’s why QualiS has elaborated a new study on dating apps, aka dating apps for meeting new partners: whether they are casual hot one-night encounters, or the search for great love, let’s find out what they are!

Before we proceed, we show you a video on the funniest stories that have happened to some aficionados of dating apps.

Are you between the ages of 20 and 30 and are you mainly looking for impromptu contacts, some fun or a night out? This is the app for you! Without a doubt the most popular dating app in the world, and the strong point is its matching system: the photos of other profiles are shown one after the other, so the user can choose to discard, scrolling with the so-called “swipe” to the left, or to express your interest by swiping to the right or even selecting the heart icon. The only drawback is that it is not possible to go back if you accidentally discard a profile. If it’s gone, it’s gone: poof.

We are in another dimension: the search for a mate. In fact, the matching of this app is based on a sophisticated affinity system, complete with personal questions about oneself and the ideal partner. The app has not yet been translated into Italian, and when you choose a plausible partner, politics, religion, sex, love, daily habits, hobbies and so on are confronted, so it is not an immediate thing to register and find the twin soul. But patience is the true virtue of the strong, isn’t it?

You saw it on the subway, it was perfect for you, but that moment was over in an instant and you think you’ve lost the love of your life? That’s why there is this app, which allows you to view, thanks to the position provided by the GPS, the people who have crossed paths during the day, as long as they also use the same app! This app, so original in its own right, also grants other contact ideas that we cannot find elsewhere, such as the possibility of chatting with users even when the like is not reciprocal and the possibility of sending a voice message or even a song, taking advantage of the Spotify account. No more missed opportunities.

Based on the criterion of selectivity, this app instead of scrolling through hundreds or thousands of photos of potential partners, offers only one profile a day, allowing 24 hours to contact him. The app selects the user for us, thus removing us from the embarrassment of choice, but perhaps also limiting ourselves in part. How does? The partners are selected and matched on the basis of affinity criteria established by the app which, to improve the quality of the proposed matches, allows to provide a rating from 1 to 5 to a photo gallery of users, in order to “better understand” which is the ideal match based on personal tastes.

An all-pink app, dear friends, because only women can start an interaction here. If there is a compatibility, in fact, only the woman will be able to make the first move, within 24 hours before the proposed user disappears. In this way you will therefore avoid many unpleasant situations or the receipt of unwanted messages. Furthermore, this app is not only intended for love encounters but, given the broader search functions, it has also been designed to create friendly or professional relationships.

In short, in love whoever accepts challenges wins, even if there are apparently no compatibilities:

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