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Many of our readers, even if they want to get closer to the world of dating sites, partly for lack of trust and partly for economic reasons, seek and ask us to report free dating sites or dating apps that can be used without paying subscriptions and therefore they often ask us the following question:

Well the first thing we need to clarify is that there are three types of free dating sites:

The first type does not include any type of subscription or credit to purchase and you will not have any limitations in use but with the disadvantages that we list a little further below.

The second type allows you to subscribe, fill in your profile, upload photos, look and search the profiles of other members, but when you try to send some messages or reply to messages received, you will have to sign up for a subscription form.

For the third type, that is paid dating sites, the cost varies from site to site, in this article we will analyze this type of site in a short way and we will list only a few while we refer you to our ranking of dating sites for a complete list of most famous that you find on the menu.

Let’s start with all the sites that do not require any type of payment, subscription and credits to communicate with members. We will analyze all those you can find on google by searching for “free dating sites”.

Lovepedia is a chat, as the opening words also say, totally free, you can sign up and after a few seconds you can already start chatting in the various dedicated rooms.

It is one of the very few portals in Italy that will never ask you to pay anything but it also has many subscribers but has several disadvantages or critical points including invasive advertising, a rather old-fashioned messaging system and is frequented by people who tend not to they intend to actually meet but more than spend time distracting themselves in chat. So if you are not looking for REAL encounters it can be just fine.

Freemet as soon as we signed up left us really stunned. The internal interface is not even translated into Italian but almost entirely in French, as are mostly French members.

We tried to send messages but we didn’t succeed because the site is overburdened with advertising and it is really badly done. At our attempt to delete the account, the site gave an irreparable error and we were unable to remove our test profile. Draw your own conclusions.

Chat over 40 is not a real dating site but essentially an anonymous chat in which once you have entered your nickname you will be transported to thematic channels which are nothing more than an IRCGate that is an entrance to the channels of the Internet Relay chat that it was used about 15 years ago.

For heaven’s sake, you will find connected people but first of all, let’s not talk about a dating site. Secondly, it’s not meant to meet anyone but just to chat freely, therefore a whole different concept.

So using these free dating sites seems like a godsend but it’s not really like that. They tend to (but not always) are low quality sites that briefly have the following problems:

• If you contact users, they respond in monosyllables and with prepackaged answers … they are, in essence, bots

Moreover, another problem common to many completely free dating sites is the lack of respect for your privacy and the use of your email address and your data for spam actions (you will find your inbox clogged with advertising messages of all kinds) .